Bestiary #3 The Manticore

Honestly, I wouldn’t want to run into any of the creatures in this bestiary, but the next guy on our list is very near the top of my don’t-want-to-run-into list. With a blood colored lion body, a human face, and a scorpion-like tail, the Manticore is one of the most feared beasts in known mythology. […]

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Bestiary #2 The Lamia

Continuing the trend of snake-like creatures in our bestiary, today we will visit the myth of the Lamia. Not such a common name for the casual fantasy fan to hear, but a fan favorite for some fans, especially those who ventured into Molag Bal’s realm in the Elder Scrolls Online. Like the Basilisk, the Lamia […]

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Bestiary #1: The Basilisk

Few creatures that ever inhabited the realms of fantasy have moved minds and captivated fear in readers, moviegoers, and even gamers like the Basilisk. From the fans who faced it in the skin of the Devil Forgemaster Hector or the skin of Soma Cruz in Castlevania games, to those who were terrified by it in […]

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A Breeze of Summer is out!

The wait is over Somber Wolves fans! Book three of Curaleon’s saga is available on Amazon:   US:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 UK:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 In this new adventure, Curaleon will face one of his biggest fears and head on to the high seas in search of a dangerous mythological creature. Battles, blood, surprises, and of course a good deal of humor […]

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The Lone Ranger is finally out!

Hey there folks! I’m happy to announce that my debut novella, The Lone Ranger, is out on Amazon. It’s only 99 cents, check it out! In other news, I’ve just finished writing the second book in the Somber Wolves Saga: The Wolf’s Den. The manuscript is with my editor Tracy and should be back next week, […]

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